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The roots of my past make up my foundation, but my future lies in how far I am willing to grow

All this smoking got me eating
Nooooooo stooooooooop


I don’t miss you or us at all. And I’m not sad or hurt because we aren’t together. I’m hurting because I gave all of me to a person I thought I could trust, and then you left me, stranded missing a part of myself. Because when you left you took that part of me with you. You left and stole something that doesn’t belong to you. That’s why I’m broken and hurting.


that moment when you remember what happened and every part of you feels like it’s being ripped to shreds and you keep telling yourself to forget, to forget, but you can’t so you just sit there, aching, wishing someone, anyone, would come and hold you till the memory passes and the pain has faded but no one is there so you just sit there numb and alone.

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